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Strong deodorizers or pungent cooking odours can deter a potential buyer. Having a fresh clean scent in your home is very inviting, or the pleasant odour of cookies or bread baking in the oven!!   Strong plug-ins, or harsh cooking odours are one way to discourage buyers from taking a careful look at your home and usually will not take the time to look at the home seriously, especially if someone is allergic to a specific odour.

I recall, several years ago looking for a very high end home for one of my clients.  I arranged several viewings, and we are talking homes priced close to $1,000,000. This was a large, executive and stately home, about 5,000 square feet. It was situated on a very large lot, backing onto a ravine.. and had great curb appeal. Three car garage !!


However, upon entering the front door, we were immediately met with the strong, pungent odour of curry.  It permeates everything and gets into the paint, draperies, carpeting and furniture.

The odour was so strong we could not stay in the home very long, only a few minutes to see the main level.  We didn’t even view the entire home,  and we were out the door where we could once again breath fresh air.

On another occasion I was showing another rather high end home… and my clients and I walked into the front door and were immediately hit with a strong fish odour.  It was very strong, and wafted throughout the house.  In fact, when we walked into the kitchen there were the leftovers sitting on a plate on the kitchen counter!


Agents, we need to educate our clients on how to prepare your home for a showing.  If you are preparing a meal where there may be lingering odours, please open the windows, and light some candles…. OR refrain from cooking the meal until after the viewing.

Please put the toilet seat down… and for heaven`s sake please flush !

People, it only takes a minute to make your bed, and remove dirty clothes from the floor.  Its only a few more steps to the laundry hamper!DEODORIZERS

Another ‘no-no’ are those very strong plug in deodorizers. they can be almost as bad as the strong cooking odours.  If you insist on using them, use a light fragrance that doesn’t overpower. Some people are allergic to strong perfume and floral fragrances.

I know that having your home for sale can be stressful, and we don`t expect that it can be spotless at all times, especially with young children, but a little common courtesy and common sense should prevail.

Agents if you know this could be an issue when listing the home…. please have that all important talk with your clients.


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