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Pre-List Home Inspection Can Help Lead To A Quicker Sale




Having a home inspection done before listing can often result in a quicker sale. Buyers and Sellers are becoming more educated about buying and selling . Thanks to the internet we now have information available at our fingertips at a click of a button.


When I first got into real estate back in 1987, house inspections were not performed often. Lockboxes were not being used either.  Agents had to pick up the key for the houses they were showing from the listing office.  After showing the properties we then had to return the keys.  All this was very time consuming and very inefficient.  This also made it more difficult for other agents to show  the property.  They had to wait until the keys were returned.



Having a pre-list inspection serves two functions.

  • The Seller can identify any deficiencies and correct them, and
  • It helps lead to a firm sale much faster when the inspection report is made available to the buyer immediately.
  • Having receipts for any repairs that were completed is also very helpful.

This also applies to Well Water Testing and Septic Inspections.  Having those documents available just might make potential buyers move forward with submitting an offer, and remove any doubts they may have about the property.



Having lockboxes installed on the doors made it much easier to show the property. It also helps the Seller as all the agents have instant access to the property.   Lockboxes have codes which are given to an agent when calling  o request an appointment.  No one else has access to the code, making it a relatively safe and efficient system.


Back in the 1980’s, lockboxes weren't very common.  When I had to show 4-5 properties, I would drive to each real estate office, pick up the keys, take my cliens to view the property, then return the keys back to each real estate office.  It was very inconvenient if an agent wanted to show the property and another agent had the key, we would have to wait until the key was returned...   How things have changed! 




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