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Ignore The Paint Colours - Envision Change



Are you a perspective Buyer that is turned off by paint colours and the furniture in other people’s homes and find it difficult to see your family living there? For some individuals, its difficult to envision transformation in a room where paint colour, for example is a complete turn off… or if the furniture is not to their taste, or the house is untidy, while others can envision the transformation by simply adding their own flavour to the room and can see it in their mind’s eye.

Buying a home can be a very emotional experience… that applies to women in particular.  In my experience over the past 29 + years of practicing real estate, when husband and wife are purchasing a home, it’s usually the woman who decides on what home to buy. To most men.. it’s just brick and mortar.. and their biggest problem is where to put the big screen TV.  But to a woman its a lot more than that.  Women become more attached to a house, making it a home where memories are made.

I counsel my buyers quite often to try to overlook the paint colours that are not appealing to them.  Try to envision the room painted in a colour that would enhance their personal belongings. and placement of their furniture to show it off at its best advantage.  It’s amazing how colour can change a room so dramatically!

Streetsville Real EstateConcentrate on the more important things that cannot be changed… Are the room sizes suitable to accommodate your furniture, bedrooms in particular?  Do you prefer the open concept floor plan, or the more traditional layout having a formal dining room and living room? In some older homes walls can be torn down to convert into a more open floor plan, which is very popular today.  It would depend, however, on whether the structural walls would come into play.

Kitchens are a very important room and do add value to a home.  If the kitchen is a little outdated, there are remedies that are not too costly that you could utilize in lieu of a complete tear out and installation of a new kitchen.  In some instances, a mere change of countertop can make a huge difference.  Changing the hardware on the cupboards is another, or painting the cabinets…. Re-facing is another alternative.  if the size and layout of the kitchen are appealing…use your imagination!
Light fixtures can also make a dramatic change to a room.  There is nothing that peeves me more than walking into a home light-fixture and looking up to see the builder’s $9.99 light fixtures in the hallways and bedrooms.  You can replace those very inexpensively with something more attractive offering a much more appealing visual.  If I am listing a home that still has those fixtures, I recommend my sellers change them out and replace them with something more attractive at a reasonable cost.  Those little things are what potential buyers pay attention to.

If you don’t keep an open mind when viewing your next home, you could be missing out on a great home… remember, its only paint and it can be changed.  Room sizes and layout, however cannot.  Concentrate on the important things!

In summary, if you find there is another offer in addition to yours… submit your very best offer the first time, as you may not get a second chance.  Stay within your budget and what you can comfortably afford… you just never know.. your offer could be the one that is ultimately accepted!


I live and work in STREETSVILLE and have a vested interest in property values here. Are you considering buying or selling or know anyone who is? Give me a call for a complimentary evaluation of your home in this changing market. (416) 717-6331.

When you choose me to handle your real estate needs, you are choosing a real estate professional who cares about you and your family, and who will listen to your needs, work together with you, and protecting your interests to achieve your objectives.   

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